Spotlight on Academics is a film festival with a difference. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge through film and this means that we only program films that are suitable for use in post-secondary classrooms. These are primarily documentaries, but other categories of films are welcome if they can be used for teaching. In addition to screening films at the festival, we also partner with ResearchTV, an online streaming platform for academic audiences. As a result, every film selected for the Spotlight on Academics festival is automatically considered for inclusion on ResearchTV. Spotlight on Academics, and our ResearchTV, hold filmmakers to high standards so that viewers can count on both the quality of the research and the quality of the production. In essence, this is a two for one deal for filmmakers who want our help to reach academic audiences.

ResearchTV is a unique streaming service because it provides filmmakers with an opportunity to have their work peer-reviewed and marketed to post-secondary institutions. Peer-review is important for academic filmmakers because they need to “publish” their work, but it is also important for non-academic filmmakers because the process provides them with academic endorsement which is an assurance of quality.

Filmmakers are not obliged to work with ResearchTV, but they provide filmmakers with an opportunity to have films distributed to largest market for individuals sales. After the festival selections are made, films are reviewed a second time by scholars and filmmakers who understand both the rigours of scholarship and the challenges of publishing research in a film format. If a film is judged to be suitable for academic audiences, ResearchTV will contact the filmmakers to discuss inclusion on its platform. Visit the ResearchTV website for more information. (researchtv.ca)