Research TV

“Sharing Knowledge and Expertise Through Film”

ResearchTV takes advantage of the rapidly changing landscape of information technology to provide the public with access to reliable programming in the Social Sciences and Humanities and to assist researchers in their efforts to share knowledge in the digital world. Demand for online programming has grown and researchers are broadening the impact of the knowledge they generate.  New digital media formats have emerged as the most exciting and accessible means of communicating with new audiences. Similarly, as education moves out of the classroom and on to the internet, educators are hard-pressed to provide students with academically sound sources of information. ResearchTV is an outlet for academic research, documentary films, archival resources and other visual material that is suitable for instructional purposes or for consumption by the general public. ResearchTV provides a means for the producers of academic oriented video to reach broader audiences and it is a reliable source of information about the world we live in. 

ResearchTV is built on an existing network of partners and academics whose work has been highlighted in documentary films or recorded in workshops and presentations. These include award-winning documentaries, public presentations at major conferences, and research outputs like oral histories, round table discussions, interviews and other recordings. Our film programming is vetted by professionals in a process that is identical to the peer-review process used by academic journals, thereby guaranteeing the standards and production quality of the information contained on our channels. ResearchTV offers content you can rely on.

The ResearchTV partnership with Spotlight on Academics benefits filmmakers in two ways. First, ResearchTV serves at the platform for streaming the festival, thereby ensuring a larger audience because subscribers get to attend the festival films for free. And, second, films selected for the festival will be considered for inclusion as part of regular programming on ResearchTV. If filmmakers are not interested in working with ResearchTV, their films will disappear from the platform after the festival. This arrangement helps guarantee a steady flow of independent films for ResearchTV and also provides filmmakers with a broadcasting opportunity. ResearchTV is a non-exclusive distributor, meaning filmmakers are free to market their own films.