Research TV

We live in a rapidly changing world where the catalyst for change is the ever-advancing march of digital technologies. The proliferation of new media has served to better inform and engage people, but viewers are often left wondering about the value and accuracy of information on the internet. At the same time, pressure has grown on Social Sciences and Humanities researchers to broaden the impact of the knowledge they produce by sharing it with their peers through academic publications, but also to non-academic audiences. Along with this call for wider public dissemination is the rise of new digital media formats which have emerged as an exciting and accessible form of communication for new audiences. ResearchTV is an academic video streaming platform that provides viewers with assurances about the quality of research and the production value of films offering critical perspectives on the world we live in. ResearchTV is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and expertise through film.

The ResearchTV partnership with Spotlight on Academics benefits filmmakers in two ways. First, ResearchTV serves at the platform for streaming the festival, thereby ensuring a larger audience because subscribers get to attend the festival films for free. And, second, films selected for the festival will be considered for inclusion as part of regular programming on ResearchTV. If filmmakers are not interested in working with ResearchTV, their films will disappear from the platform after the festival. This arrangement helps guarantee a steady flow of independent films for ResearchTV and also provides filmmakers with a broadcasting opportunity.

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