What makes ResearchTV unique is that most of our content is peer-reviewed and shot through an academic lens. This is important for academic filmmakers who need to “publish” their work, but it is also important for non-academic filmmakers because the process provides them with academic endorsement for their work. Our submissions are reviewed by both scholars and filmmakers who understand the rigors of scholarship and the challenges of publishing research in a film format. ResearchTV holds filmmakers to a high production standard so that viewers can count on both the quality of the research and of the overall production. ResearchTV is a broadcaster and distributor of films suitable for the post-secondary educational market. 

ResearchTV does not suggest revisions or provide comment for the films we review. A film is either accepted or rejected.  Selected films will be peer-reviewed in a manner identical to that of print journals. ResearchTV follows the guidelines and best practices for peer-review established by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

Films are featured on the ResearchTV website where additional information about the film and its content can be found. This is where filmmakers can suggest further reading, provide contact details, links to their own websites and other information.

ResearchTV is also aware that people watch films on a variety of different devices with different coding requirements. We take care of the transcoding process, resulting in the proper formats in order to have a film stream properly on different devices. As a result, films on our platform are available in four different formats that permit the best viewing on devices ranging from Smartphones to Smart TVs.

Once a filmmaker decides to put a film on ResearchTV it will be marketed to academics, post-secondary institutions and the public. The launch of a film on ResearchTV will be timed to coincide with the publication of our ResearchTV Guide which is sent directly to academics at many universities and posted elsewhere on the internet. We also provide marketing to filmmakers and the general public.

Filmmakers retain the rights to their films and can ask to have them taken off of ResearchTV at any time. ResearchTV also reserves the right to remove a film at any time.

There are two ways that filmmakers can submit films:

Filmmakers can contact ResearchTV directly using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. Begin with an email explaining who you are and what your film is about. Enquiries should include links to the film or a webpage that will allow our editors to make an initial decision. Once we have completed the preliminary review of a submission we will contact the filmmaker to discuss the next steps to be taken. Please note that we only consider completed films and do not accept rough cuts. Send us your best.

The second way to submit a film is a two stage process that begins with the Spotlight on Academics Film Festival. It is hoped that filmmakers whose films are selected for Spotlight on Academics will be willing to also add their film the ResearchTV inventory for online programming. In this way, festival films can take advantage of our marketing to enjoy a longer life outside of the festival circuit and to reach a broad academic audience. Films submitted to ResearchTV through the Spotlight on Academics selection process will be subjected to peer-review after the festival has made its decisions.

Ready to submit? Email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.